TRULO Study to Evaluate Long-Term Clinical Outcomes in Patients Monitored with TruGraf® 

Join the Observational Study

On April 15, Eurofins - Transplant Genomics (TGI) announced TRULO; a new multi-center observational study, designed to evaluate post-transplant clinical outcomes in recipients of kidney transplants who are undergoing serial TruGraf® testing.

This will be the first study to provide long-term data, beyond 2 years post-transplant, regarding the benefits of non-invasive surveillance of stable kidney transplant recipients to rule out silent subclinical rejection.

The TRULO post-transplant observational study will be comprised of:

  • 2,000 transplant patients from up to 50 transplant centers
  • Incorporates both TruGraf® patient monitoring and TRACTM donor-derived cell-free DNA measurements.

This study is unique in that it focuses on patients that are more remote from their transplant and will correlate TruGraf® and TRACTM monitoring with long-term outcomes. The information from this study has the potential to help improve long term survival of transplanted kidneys.

If you're a clinician interested in joining the study, please submit a form.